Kelly O'Horo

Kelly O'Horo

2563 S. Val Vista Drive, Suite 108
Gilbert, AZ 85295


Children and Families, Complex PTSD/Dissociation, Recent Events, Relational EMDR Therapy

Kelly O’Horo, LPC, has been a therapist since 2010 and fell in love with EMDR therapy as a client first and is passionate about being an EMDR therapist. She has been married for 22 years, mother of five with five grandkids and, as the matriarch of the family, and as an enneagram of 2, she is a natural helper and healer. Kelly believes the therapy office is the classroom for the “life stuff” our clients weren’t taught before; about emotions, coping skills, and developmentally appropriate responses for today. Formerly a teacher of 15 years, she enjoys helping clinicians develop into becoming their best EMDR therapist through the consultation process. Kelly specializes in attachment and implicit trauma and dissociation throughout the lifespan. “The difference between an EMDR therapist that is a carpenter and one that is a craftsperson is in the exquisite attunement, lifelong learning, and trust in the process.” That is what she has learned from her mentor, Deany Laliotis. Kelly, too, enjoys being a mentor to EMDR therapists who are on the journey to becoming a healer and a craftsperson as an EMDR therapist.