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Introducing The Center for Excellence in EMDR Therapy

The Center combines all the field’s clinical wisdom and up-to-date developments on trauma treatment into a comprehensive approach to psychotherapy. We integrate interpersonal neurobiology, somatic processes, parts work, attachment theory, and mindfulness all within an EMDR therapy framework.

Our training is offered at all levels — from the Basic Training to Intermediate, Advanced, and Master level courses. For those who have completed some advanced trainings, we also offer EMDR Master trainings and Masterclass retreats. Our goal, as an EMDR training center, is to teach you how to successfully practice EMDR therapy. We prepare you to work with clients of different backgrounds, cultures, and presenting issues in a variety of different contexts and environments.

The Center for Excellence in EMDR Therapy

An EMDR Training Center Promoting the Power of EMDR Therapy

EMDR therapy memory reprocessing taps into the body's inherent ability to move towards health and healing. EMDR therapy works with the neurophysiology of memory by bringing our present awareness to past experiences that continue to be disturbing. Using EMDR therapy procedures, clients reprocess traumatic memories in a way that allows them to relate to what happened in the past while remaining in the present.

The EMDR therapy approach to treating complex trauma and other more challenging presentations allows for transformational healing without overwhelming or retraumatizing clients. Instead of reliving old hurts when a current situation resembles similar past experiences, your clients can keep one foot in the present with the help of a skilled and attuned therapist until they're truly over the past once and for all. As a result, clients can respond to present and future situations with greater ease which makes life challenges easier to navigate and creates space for a future filled with new possibilities.

We Are a Mission-Driven EMDR Training Center

As therapists, we are all dedicated to helping our clients heal and thrive. We are equally committed to refining our craft. In pursuit of excellence, we sign up for trainings, work toward certifications and seek to expand our knowledge, skills, and resources. We want to deepen our capacities as healers. We strive to bring our best selves to our work, so we seek opportunities for personal and professional growth. We also want our trainings to be accessible to therapists from all backgrounds who want to learn with us.  The Center was established to meet all those needs with a full range of training pathways that also include EMDRIA certification as an EMDR Therapist or Consultant as well as The Center’s upcoming EMDR Master Certificate program in Relational EMDR Therapy℠.

We have a growing community of devoted and highly skilled EMDR trainers who are committed to ensuring that you have all the guidance and support you need to learn this powerful method.

Take the leap.  Join us for the journey.

EMDR Therapy is Uniquely Transformative.

Learn how Deany Laliotis explains its power and effectiveness.

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Train with Skilled EMDR Faculty, Led by Deany Laliotis

We have deep roots in EMDR therapy.

The Center’s Founder and Director, Deany Laliotis, has been practicing EMDR since 1992, almost since it was first introduced over 30 years ago. Since that time, she worked closely with the founder of EMDR, Dr. Francine Shapiro, and served as her Senior Trainer as well as her Director of Training for EMDR Institute for many years. In that role, Deany helped foster the evolution of EMDR from a technique to an integrative psychotherapy approach now called EMDR therapy. A year following Dr. Shapiro’s passing in 2019, Deany launched her own EMDR training center to actualize her vision of offering a comprehensive, integrative training program that is devoted to a standard of excellence training therapists in the art as well as the science of this approach.

Mission driven with high standards.

Deany's EMDRIA-approved, EMDR Basic trainings continue to sell out. Her Intermediate and Advanced EMDR trainings cover a broad range of topics—from healing attachment injuries to refining the craft of EMDR — drawing therapists from all over the world. Deany has invited some of the field’s most talented EMDR therapists to join her as trainers, facilitators, consultants and adjunct faculty as part of The Center's mission to promote best practices in EMDR therapy, while challenging clinicians to bring their best selves to this work. The faculty and consultants have trained with Deany extensively and, like her, consider themselves to be lifelong learners who continue to maintain a mentorship relationship as part of The Center's commitment to excellence. As a team, they set a new standard for training therapists in the art and science of EMDR therapy.


Check out The Center's videos that address different topics for EMDR therapists, beginners and experienced alike.


Read about Deany's experiences as an EMDR therapist and what she's learning from her clients. She talks about herself as a lifelong learner who's on a journey that never ends. Instead, she continues to learn as a therapist, teacher and student and encourages others to do the same.

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Here's what a colleague says about Deany and The Center offerings:

In the 25 years since I was first trained in EMDR, Deany Laliotis stands out as one of the very best teachers I have ever had the pleasure to learn from. Her warm and engaging style, and clear and concise ability to distill complex information into nuggets that I can quickly and easily incorporate into my practice are truly unique. She is one of the first leaders to bring an attachment lens to the model of EMDR, which has contributed to the growth in the model as a fully formed therapeutic approach to treatment. When I see that Deany has a new Advanced training, I know that I'll be attending!

Naomi Rather , Ph.D., LCMHC

Certified Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist & Supervisor; EMDRIA Certified EMDR Clinician
Newington, NH
Naomi Rather