EMDR Certification

Recognizing Your Skill and Commitment at Every Level

Therapists who train with The Center belong to a community of lifelong learners.

And we offer life-long learners a full range of EMDRIA-approved EMDR trainings, case consultation and resources—everything you need to advance your learning and EMDR practice. In addition, you'll find everything required to meet EMDRIA’s requirements for becoming a certified EMDR practitioner and an EMDRIA-certified consultant. We’ve also established a Master Certification in Relational EMDR Therapy. It's designed to support and recognize therapists who are willing to work on themselves and the relational dimension of EMDR therapy at the highest level in order to bring transformational healing to their clients.

Community of hands

Certified EMDR Therapist

EMDRIA is the "gold standard" for EMDR certification and training. And all of The Center’s trainings are EMDRIA-approved. All of our faculty, facilitators and consultants are also EMDRIA-certified. That's why we are able to promise that The Center offers everything you need—both the training CEs and case consultation hours required by EMDRIA for becoming a certified EMDR Therapist.

Certified EMDR Consultant

Many EMDR Therapists go on to become EMDRIA-certified Consultants—supporting other clinicians as they master their own EMDR skills. As a consultant, you’ll provide professional feedback to therapists’ on their cases individually or in a group. We’ve designed a Consultant in Training (CIT) track that provides everything—and more—that you need to meet EMDRIA’s requirements for certified consultant.

Master Certification in Relational EMDR Therapy℠

The key to successful Relational EMDR Therapy℠ is the Self of the therapist and their mindful attention to the relational dimension of the work. This certificate program is for therapists who treat complex trauma and want to help their clients grow and change beyond symptom relief.  Thousands of you over the years have worked hard to cultivate your skills as an EMDR psychotherapist by pursuing additional training and consultation with Deany and faculty from The Center.  Now we are offering you a pathway from wherever you are in your personal and professional journey to study with us, and to become credentialed so clients and colleagues alike will know that you specialize in Relational EMDR.  Our course offerings and case consultation can be applied towards EMDRIA certification as well as Center Certification.  To learn more, go to the link below:

Here's what a fellow Consultant has to say:

As an EMDRIA Consultant, I so appreciate how Deany's trainings are both grounded in the fidelity of the AIP model and the EMDR method. She supports a holistic approach to psychotherapy. The attachment lens integrates into the EMDR framework seamlessly. And what a gift that Deany offers a case consultation with the training to help us integrate the material, making it more tangible and accessible. I feel rejuvenated and inspired as a clinician and a consultant after this experience! Thank you!

Kelly Wedell , EdS, LCMHCS

Asheville, NC
Kelly Wedell