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Tools for Growth

Welcome to our Resources page! As part of our ongoing commitment to training EMDR therapists, we're always looking to share resources that add depth to our understanding of EMDR so we can support one another's continued growth and development as well as help our clients heal. As a community of lifelong learners, we try to harvest opportunities to grow and get better at what we do, as teachers as well as therapists.  The moments are always there, whether it's a question from a trainee, something someone said or did, or something that happens in a session.  They're like gold nuggets just waiting for us to notice them, pick them up and take them with us.  So, every time we see one that catches our attention, we will bring them here to share them with you!  So, check back every month or more.  Who knows?  You might find another gold nugget that we didn't notice!

Tools for Growth

Tools for professional growth


These short articles cover a broad range of topics for every EMDR therapist. Enjoy :)


These videos cover a broad range of topics for every EMDR therapist. Enjoy the shows!


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