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Frequently asked questions

EMDR Basic Training

Who is qualified to take the EMDR Basic Training?

All participants must be licensed to practice independently. Or, if not licensed, have completed master’s level coursework in a mental health discipline, currently on a licensing track and supervised by a licensed clinician with the appropriate clinical supervisor’s letter on file with your application. All participants should have a current psychotherapy caseload. This professional training is designed to help participants integrate the application of EMDR therapy into their clinical practice. Other EMDR training programs are available that will accept managers and researchers who do not carry an active psychotherapy caseload.

How do I register?

To register for a training, please select the Sign-Up Here button located on the selected training page.  You will be directed to sign in to your account or create an account prior to completing the application.  All applications will be reviewed within 5 business days and you will receive an email advising when your application is approved or if we need additional information.  

How is EMDR Basic Training structured?

The basic training is organized into three parts typically held over three weekends. Each weekend includes a didactic portion with lecture, discussion, and videotape demonstrations of EMDR skills and concepts. Trainees will practice EMDR methods with one another to address real issues as a way to learn the process as well as to understand it from a client's point of view. There is a case consultation component in each weekend segment where trainees will learn to apply EMDR therapy with their current clients.  There are three post-training case consultation sessions to help you apply what you are learning with your clients.  The Center's EMDR Therapy Basic Training is a 6-month process — from the first weekend segment to the last case consultation session — because we are committed to providing you with a solid foundation in the core elements of this powerful methodology.

How long will I have access to my training materials?

Your training materials are yours to keep. Forever. Video recordings of the EMDR Basic Training will be available for review during your training and for six months after your Part 3 segment to support your learning experience. Training materials include two appendices with Worksheets and Forms for practice as well as Resources to keep handy as a quick reference.

As an added bonus, all of your Basic Training materials will continue to be updated over time and can be accessed through your account on our website.

Is there a discount for agency and non-profit employees?

If you are a full-time, non-contract employee of a government or non-profit mental health agency, we offer a discounted tuition rate for EMDR Therapy Basic Training.  Please contact us at admin@emdrtherapy.com for more information.

What is the cancellation policy for Basic Training?

Tuition is refundable up to 30 days in advance less a $150 administrative fee. Withdrawals between 14 and 29 days from the start date of the training are refundable less a $250 administrative fee. Withdrawals less than 14 days from the start date are not refundable. A credit will be applied towards the same Basic Training in the future at the Standard Rate less a $350 administrative fee.  All requests for cancellations must be submitted in writing by email to admin@emdrtherapy.com.  If you have to withdraw during the training, we offer a one-time option of enrolling in the Basic Training at the reduced rate of $450 as space allows.

The Center reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the training at its discretion and will credit one’s tuition towards a future date or offer a full refund.

EMDR Intermediate and Advanced Trainings

Who is eligible to apply for an Intermediate Training?

Any clinician who has completed a basic training and is eager to take their next steps as an EMDR therapist is eligible to apply for an Intermediate training.  There are two intermediate-level trainings:  Just Beyond the Basics:  a 3-day, 12-hour course without practice, which is a good stepping stone from the EMDR Basic Training, whether you just completed the training a few months before, or it's been a while and you want to refresh your skills.  The Craft of EMDR Therapy takes you more into complex trauma and advanced case conceptualization and treatment planning with practice to hone your skills with expert EMDR therapists to guide you into taking a deeper dive.

Who is eligible to take an Advanced Training?

Any therapist who has completed the EMDR Basic Training is eligible to take any Advanced course.  All trainings that are classified as "Advanced" are non-practice courses that focus on attachment styles of the client as well as the therapist as we delve deeper into the complexity of developmental trauma and its enduring impact beyond the traumas themselves.  Instead, we get into more advanced case conceptualization and explore a client's adaptations, i.e., what they learned in response to what happened to them that now has a life of its own.

How do I know what training to take after the EMDR Basic Training?

Of course it depends.  How much have you actually applied EMDR therapy since you were trained?  Do you struggle to learn new things and it just takes time and repetition, or is it more about the uncertainty of EMDR reprocessing and just "letting whatever happens, happen?"  If it's about learning new things, get into case consultation and take an Intermediate training.  If it's about tolerating uncertainty, then perhaps it's a bigger question about what fits for you.  That said, it's a reasonable investment to take our one-day Refresher course that is offered twice a year and use it as an opportunity to self-evaluate where you are in relationship to integrating EMDR into your practice.  If you're using it and want to use it more and it's about comfort and familiarity, take the Intermediate Course with practice.  It includes the one-day Refresher as a bonus before the training begins, free of charge.

Can I take an Advanced Training before taking an Intermediate Training?

In short, YES.  The Advanced training category through The Center is set up to be comparable to other EMDR Advanced Trainings that are offered by other providers.  It has been customary in the EMDR community to categorize all trainings beyond the Basic Course as "Advanced," but have found that it is too broad a category, making it challenging for clinicians to determine what their next steps might be.  The Intermediate training offering is your next step if you're treating clients who fit the broad category of complex trauma.  This training is predominantly focused on skills acquisition, from case conceptualization to making clinical choices over time that are informed by both the client and the method.  Our Advanced Trainings do not include practice and are more focused on developmental trauma and attachment, offering conceptual maps as well as taking a deeper dive into studying the moment to moment unfolding of experience in reprocessing sessions.

What are the cancellation and refund policies for Intermediate and Advanced Trainings?

Tuition is refundable up to 30 days in advance less a $150 administrative fee for practice trainings and a $75 administrative fee for non-practice trainings. Withdrawals between 14 and 29 days from the start date of the training are refundable less a $250 administrative fee. Withdrawals less than 14 days from the start date are not refundable. A credit will be applied towards the same Intermediate Training in the future at the Standard Rate less a $250 administrative fee.  All requests for cancellations must be submitted in writing by email to admin@emdrtherapy.com.  If you have to withdraw during the training, we offer a one-time option of enrolling in the Intermediate Training again at the reduced rate of $350 as space allows. 


EMDR Certification

Am I considered “certified” after I complete my Basic Training and receive my “Certificate of Completion?”

The EMDR Basic Training is a foundational course.  You will be considered trained in EMDR therapy after completing our EMDRIA-approved EMDR Basic Training, but you will not be certified as an EMDR therapist until you complete EMDRIA's requirements for certification, which requires additional coursework, case consultation and a minimum number of hours of practice with your clients.  For many therapists, certification takes at least a year and is worth the investment. Please click the EMDRIA link for more information: https://www.emdria.org/emdr-training-education/emdr-certification/

How can I train with The Center to become an EMDRIA-approved Consultant?

Training to become an EMDRIA-approved Consultant is a credential that is widely recognized across the country and abroad for those who want to mentor therapists in their journey to become proficient in the clinical application of EMDR therapy. As part of our growing community through The Center, we train our CITs about the importance of the therapeutic relationship and and the Self of the therapist as part of the conversation about why the clinician is stuck with their clients. While fidelity to the protocols and procedures are important, what is more important is what's best for the client.  Teaching our clinicians how to think and to have greater clarity about their clinical choices is how we train our CITs.  This EMDRIA-approved process takes about a year or longer and is for therapists that would like to help other clinicians learn the craft of EMDR therapy.  Please contact our office at info@emdrtherapy.com to request a brief interview.

How can I train with The Center to become an EMDRIA-approved Basic Trainer?

Becoming a trainer requires a true passion for EMDR therapy and a commitment to teach it with excellence so our trainees can help their clients heal.  It is an investment in time, effort, funds and an exquisite ability to be a team leader with a cohort of talented faculty.  It's a person who gives direction and takes direction well.  We are only able to mentor potential trainers who want to make The Center their new home.  For more information and to express your interest, please email us at info@emdrtherapy.com.

Masterclasses and Master Retreats

Who is eligible to take a Masterclass training?

Masterclass trainings and retreats are for experienced EMDR psychotherapists who are already using EMDR with clients who have complex trauma and attachment difficulties.  In order to fully benefit from these trainings, it is strongly recommended that you have taken at least two advanced courses from The Center (either Intermediate or Advanced).  These practice-based courses are specifically designed to take a deeper dive into Relational EMDR Therapy℠ which is an attachment-focused way of working with developmental trauma using the therapeutic relationship as part of the healing journey.  With an emphasis on the Self of the therapist as a central component of these trainings, these courses are for therapists who themselves are on the continual journey of personal and professional growth and transformation.

What is the difference between a Masterclass and a Master Retreat?

Both Masterclasses and Master retreats are practice-based trainings for the experienced EMDR psychotherapist who wants to further refine their skills with the hands-on guidance of a skilled EMDR instructor.  The Master retreats are more intensive as well as restorative and are located in all-inclusive resort settings that allow for some down time.  There are 4 practice sessions in the Master retreat over a 6-day course, where there are only 3 practice sessions in a 3-day course in a Masterclass.  The Masterclasses tend to be more cost-effective as they are more accessible and centrally located in major cities where many participants can commute to the training.  Those who would have to travel will likely have fewer expenses than they might at an all-inclusive retreat location.  If you've been working especially hard and are feeling a little crusty around the edges, this package is a well-deserved gift!

Why take a Masterclass?

EMDR therapy is easy to learn but hard to do well.  Our clients are complex, their problems are multi-faceted and our method is powerful.  It's a confluence of variables that invites us to continue to learn, to practice, to talk about our cases and to examine how we relate to our client's difficulties.  The Masterclasses are about the hero's journey and how we, too, are transformed by the work we do.   In order to master our craft, we have to examine what we bring to it for better and for worse.  For those of us who are committed to personal and professional growth, this pathway is for you.