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Deany Goes To Milan, Italy!

I just finished 3 days of in-person training for EMDR Italy in Milan! It was a spectacular event after two and a half years of the pandemic where over 1500 people gathered to talk about helping our clients heal from trauma using EMDR! We talked about the robustness of EMDR as a model of therapy that...


Deany Goes to Europe!

The Council of Scholars, an international group of thought leaders in the EMDR community is holding its annual Symposium at the EMDR Europe conference in Valencia, Spain next week after 3 years since it was first formed and the pandemic arrived!  With Deany at the helm along with co-chair Suzy...


The Powerful Healing of EMDR

Deany Laliotis was interviewed on That Relationship Show’s podcast to talk about the healing power of EMDR therapy and how that intersects with EFT, Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples. The podcast is led by two certified EFT therapists, Deb and Naomi. 

They talk about how EMDR and EFT can treat...