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Deany Laliotis, Relational EMDR’s Ambassador in Europe

This summer, our Deany Laliotis is traveling through Europe—training, speaking and inspiring EMDR therapists as she goes. In the Netherlands, Deany led Dutch EMDR therapists through her advanced training—Healing the Wounds of Attachment. Later, she made her way to Athens where she once again led a Healing the Wounds training for Greek EMDR therapists.

Reflecting on these trainings, Deany talked about how honored she felt to be invited to train both Dutch and Greek communities of EMDR therapists. “Every EMDR community has its history, its own unique tradition of EMDR practice. All are faithful to Francine Shapiro’s EMDR model, practices and protocols. And each has its own vision of how to use EMDR to help relieve the symptoms of trauma for their clients.”   

“In inviting me to explore healing attachment injuries with EMDR, they’re opening the door to embracing EMDR as a comprehensive psychotherapy—an approach that goes beyond relieving the symptoms of trauma. A relational approach where the therapist uses attunement to co-regulate the client’s experience; where developmental gaps are filled; where clients regain the capacity to be themselves and respond authentically to others in the moment.”


Deany said that both the Greek and Dutch therapists were grateful for her expansive view of EMDR therapy's capacity for healing complex trauma. They expressed enthusiasm about the potential of Relational EMDR for transformational healing. Many therapists made special mention of her conviction that the "Self " of the therapist plays an integral role in the client's healing journey; that the therapist and client co-create the conditions where permanent healing becomes reality. One therapist commented "I feel freed, at last, to do my work; to do what's best for my client."

Accepting an Invitation from EMDR Europe

Deany was also invited to lead a pre-conference workshop as part of this summer’s EMDR Europe Research & Practice Conference—a flagship event drawing 2,200 European EMDR therapists. Deany led over 500 attendees through the Science and art of Using Interweaves to Treat Complex Trauma.

At the same conference, she led a program for EMDR Supervisors who consult with EMDR therapists at all levels of training and experience. Deany encouraged them to consider themselves as ambassadors of EMDR Psychotherapy and shared skills, approaches and trouble-shooting tips for supporting clinicians as they refine their skills and pursue accreditation as certified EMDR therapists.

Stay tuned for more news on Deany’s training travels. We’ll keep you posted.