EMDR Masterclass Retreats for Personal and Professional Growth

EMDR Masterclass Retreats for Personal and Professional Growth

Restore Yourself. Expand Your Capacity as a Healer.

The Center's EMDR Masterclass Training Retreats are five days of in-depth learning, self-exploration, rest and relaxation among a community of your peers.

When we were planning these retreats, we knew we wanted to create a unique experience of professional development and personal exploration, community connection and restoration for the field's most experienced EMDR therapists. Here is our list of "must-haves:"  

  • a resort setting that is nurturing and beautiful with attentive staff, first-class meals and accommodations, activities and amenities for play and relaxation
  • a community of peers with shared values, many years of experience and the courage to explore and grow themselves
  • time—to build strong ties with others, to embark on a personal journey of self-healing and growth, to relax and restore--body and soul

What Can You Expect?

All our Masterclass training retreats are designed as journeys of discovery, both personal and professional. We explore together what it's like to work with some of the most challenging clients and we come to appreciate how they can also be the most rewarding. We work on ourselves so we can bring our highest Self to work with our clients. 

Master retreat

In the end, our work is about being brave enough to shepherd our clients through the darkness of their pain while holding up a beacon of light. These Masterclass retreats get you there.       

Deany Laliotis 

Watch Relational EMDR Therapy℠ Overview on YouTube.

Who Is Eligible for Our Masterclass Retreats?

Any mental health clinician, licensed for independent practice, who meets these qualifications:

  • Has been actively using EMDR therapy with clients who have complex trauma for over a year
  • Has studied with Deany before
  • Is interested in engaging with your fellow attendees to do a personal piece of work that relates to how you're being challenged by one or more clients in your practice 
  • Has completed at least one Advanced training with Deany and The Craft of EMDR Therapy

Have more questions? We’re here to help.

Contact us at admin@emdrtherapy.com.


Here's what Jennifer says about trainings like these.

Deany is an exquisite trainer. She is not only clear and thorough in her teaching, but is incredibly compassionate and responsive to those who are learning from her. Her approach is both artful and soundly rooted in science, while maintaining the focus on the relational aspect of the work. Learning from Deany has quite literally changed my life and the way I am able to work with my clients. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to train with her.

Jennifer E. Bradley , Psy.D, HSPP

Clinical Psychologist
Bloomington, IN
Jennifer E. Bradley