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EMDR and Chronic Pain

Do you ever feel completely overwhelmed working with clients who have trauma and chronic pain? 


Trauma and chronic pain go hand and hand.  


It is one of the places where the mind and body meet (or collide) in our fragmented healthcare system.  It can be an overwhelming experience for the client and...

A Fork in the Road

How can you help a client who has gone through a recent trauma?  

Are you wondering “What can I do right now to offer relief and stability to my client?” 

Do we continue with the same path outlined in our treatment plan? Or do we deviate to address the new issue? 


After a brief vacation, a client of...

Mastering EMDR Techniques:

When one of my consultees looks at me with that pained expression on their face and says, “What am I doing wrong?”, I feel an instant surge of empathy because I have been in those shoes!   


Whether you are coming out of EMDR Basic Training or have been practicing EMDR therapy for years, there are...

The Role of Consultation in EMDR Certification: Finding Support and Mentorship

Interested in working towards EMDR certification through EMDRIA?  

Confused about the next leg of your EMDR journey?  

Looking for feedback and guidance on your more complex cases? 


If you answered yes to any of these questions, EMDR Case Consultation is for you 


Exploring EMDR case consultation 


CONNECTED YET SEPARATE: How to Navigate the Waters of Interpersonal Neurobiology in Trauma Therapy

Have you ever felt your internal state merging with a client?

Have you noticed being unnervingly frozen as they shut down?

 Agitated in the face of their anger? 

Despondent alongside their insurmountable sadness?


How to Navigate the Waters of Interpersonal Neurobiology in Trauma Therapy

My consultee Pat...