Masterclass Trainings in Relational EMDR Therapy℠

Masterclass Trainings in Relational EMDR Therapy℠

A Transformational Approach to Healing Complex Trauma

The Center’s three-day Masterclass trainings offer highly skilled and experienced EMDR psychotherapists the opportunity to continue their personal and professional growth simultaneously. The trainings take a deep dive into the practice of Relational EMDR Therapy℠ and offer a unique opportunity for strengthening your capacity to be fully present and attuned with your most challenging clients. The goal of these trainings is empowering you to bring your best self to the work of co-navigating previously uncharted emotional territory between "self and other" with your clients.

Masterclass Trainings in Relational EMDR

What Can You Expect from Masterclass Trainings?

As an EMDR therapist who treats complex developmental trauma, you know the importance of a dynamic therapeutic alliance for a client's healing and growth. Strengthening all aspects of that alliance is what these trainings are designed to do.

We’ll help you master the relational dimensions of EMDR so you can better help your clients achieve transformational healing. By focusing on complex and challenging cases, these trainings explore the full potential of EMDR as a comprehensive psychotherapy.

The “Self” of the therapist plays an integral role in Relational EMDR Therapy. That’s why a portion of each Masterclass training is set aside for individual work where you focus on a challenge from your current practice. You’ll be doing this work in safe space and the company of select peers who share your values, years of experience and the courage to explore and grow themselves.

We work on ourselves so we can bring our Highest Self to the journey with our clients. The question we must pose as relational EMDR therapists isn't "Is the client ready," but "Are WE ready to embark on this journey together?" A Masterclass training will prepare you to answer, "Yes, WE ARE ready."    

Deany Laliotis

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Who Is Eligible for Masterclass Trainings in Relational EMDR?

Any mental health clinician, licensed for independent practice, who:

  • Has been actively using EMDR therapy with clients who have complex trauma
  • Is interested in engaging with your fellow colleagues to do a personal piece of work that relates to how you're being challenged in your role as a therapist

It is strongly recommended that you have also completed The Craft of EMDR Therapy and at least one Advanced training with Deany.

Upcoming Master EMDR Trainings

December 2024

Master EMDR Training
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Relational EMDR Therapy℠ - Examining the Self of the Therapist

Training Program Schedule
December 6, 2024: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm ET
December 7, 2024: 11:00 am - 6:15 pm ET
December 8, 2024: 11:00 am - 4:30 pm ET
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Here's what Kelly says about trainings like these:

As an EMDRIA Consultant, I so appreciate how Deany's trainings are both grounded in the fidelity of the AIP model and the EMDR method. She supports a holistic approach to psychotherapy. The attachment lens integrates into the EMDR framework seamlessly. And what a gift that Deany offers a case consultation with the training to help us integrate the material, making it more tangible and accessible. I feel rejuvenated and inspired as a clinician and a consultant after this experience! Thank you!

Kelly Wedell , EdS, LCMHCS

Asheville, NC
Kelly Wedell