Our Faculty

The Center's founder, Deany Laliotis, has invited some of the field’s most skilled and talented EMDR therapists to join her as training facilitators, consultants and trainers as part of this unique EMDR training team. All faculty and consultants have trained with Deany extensively as Relational EMDR psychotherapists. As a team, they set a new standard for training therapists in the art and science of EMDR therapy.

Jeanne Martin

Jeanne Martin, LPC, is an EMDR psychotherapist and an EMDRIA-approved Consultant in private practice in Charlottesville, VA.  In addition to being an EMDR therapist, Jeanne has tra

Mary Ray

Mary Ray, LCSW, trained in EMDR in 2000 with Francine Shapiro and continued her advanced trainings with Deany Laliotis to include individual and group consultation.