Attachment-Focused and Specialty Advanced EMDR Trainings

Attachment-Focused and Specialty Advanced EMDR Trainings

Have you ever felt torn between following scripted protocols and procedures and using EMDR to do what’s best for your client in the moment?

Are you ready to expand your use of the therapeutic relationship as a powerful healing force?

Would you like to refine your ability to define the best next steps in complex cases with multiple problems and issues?

Is your goal helping clients achieve permanent change so they can live more authentically in the moment and more fully than ever before? 

Are you working with a special client population or dealing with particular issues that require a deeper dive?

Yes? Then our advanced EMDR trainings are your next steps. They will increase your skill and confidence in using EMDR as a comprehensive psychotherapy for transformational healing.


Advanced EMDR Training

What Can You Expect?

The Center's advanced trainings are designed for therapists, like you, who are eager to expand their skills and deepen their understanding when working with your clients.  We offer two general tracks of advanced trainings:  Deany's attachment-focused trainings and other specialty topic areas and client populations.

Deany's attachment-focused EMDR Advanced Trainings offer an introduction to Relational EMDR Therapy℠.  You'll learn:

  • to treat the whole person and promote clients’ personal growth and resilience
  • to practice an integrated, client-centered EMDR therapy that offers permanent change to clients who struggle with pervasive low self-esteem, relationship difficulties, loneliness, anxiety, depression and addictions
  • to help clients resolve negative life patterns, relationship difficulties and self-regulation issues that have roots in childhood trauma

As is often the case when we’re working with attachment, the difficulties that challenge clients in their lives are the same ones they bring into the consulting room. These trainings prepare you to use the therapeutic relationship to help clients work through childhood wounds and experience secure attachment with you in real time. 

Who Is Eligible for Advanced EMDR Training?

You are—if you have completed an EMDRIA-approved Basic EMDR Training. You must also be a mental health clinician, licensed for independent practice and have at least six months of experience using EMDR to treat complex trauma with multiple clients.

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Here's what a fellow colleague says about training with Deany:

I’ve practiced EMDR for 25 years and Deany’s trainings and strategies still offer me new opportunities to continue to grow and enhance my skills and treatment perspectives. Her trainings are always an edifying and gratifying experience, and I recommend them to all—especially those of us well seasoned and ready to learn more and grow.

James F. Lassiter , Ph. D., ABPP

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Chesapeake, VA
James F. Lassiter