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Riding Roller Coasters

It’s a predictable cycle.

I’ve always considered myself to be brave overriding my insecurities while practicing new skills in front of other people. It’s a predictable cycle. I start a new training feeling skilled. I learn something new and experience confusion.  I finally integrate what I...

You’re Not Alone

The EMDR Therapist’s Role in the Healing Journey

How is EMDR therapy different from any other type of psychotherapy? It is unique in giving the brain the opportunity to access an experience as it was encoded at the time, bringing it into conscious awareness. We call that dual awareness—knowing...

Upping Your Game

The Importance of Choosing a Mentor 

While on our career paths, we are always in the process of learning how to become better at we do, while resisting the urge to be hard on ourselves for being imperfect while we continue to grow and develop ourselves and our clinical acumen. You are inundated...