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The Body: It's Where We Live

How do we want to show up for our clients as we journey with them, nervous system to nervous system, heart to heart? 

What can we let go of and what can we embrace to make that possible?

It’s Where We Live: The Importance of the Body in EMDR Therapy

That clench in the jaw, the flip in the stomach, the...

Pushing Back the Darkness

We all know how it feels when someone you love dies suddenly or in an unexpected way. There is numbness and overwhelm. And then the mind struggles to make sense of the loss. It wrestles with the frailty of life in the face of disease and accidents. It brings up memories and images of the loved one...

Identifying the Desired Outcome

Clients who are easily triggered into a state of hyper-vigilance, may tell you they’d prefer to respond from a place of calm. Completely understandable! But making “calmness” the desired outcome after processing can be equally problematic.  

In this quick, compelling video, Deany Laliotis shares a...