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Explore Online EMDR Training with The Center

Erika Tsoukanelis, LCSW, Center Faculty and Lead Trainer

Have you been wondering if online learning is for you?

Do you think The Center might have what you’re looking for?


Navigating Online EMDR Training

As a Lead Trainer at The Center for Excellence in EMDR Therapy (The Center), I have the privilege of running online EMDR trainings regularly. I always look forward to those first few minutes in our Zoom meetings, when my screen populates with curious, eager faces. Like lights clicking on in a dark room, clinicians from around the world appear on my laptop, ready to learn. I scroll through the pages and take my time to take them in, inspired by the sight of so many open-minded colleagues, as I sit securely in my own home.


Like many of us, I was saddened to let go of in-person training. The travel was fun. I missed meeting face-to-face, sharing meals, and lingering between lectures and practice sessions to chat. Yet, I genuinely appreciate the benefits of learning and teaching virtually. I am honored to be part of the online learning community at The Center, where I believe we offer high-quality teaching and the opportunity to be part of an intelligent and compassionate group of lifelong learners: EMDR therapists committed to enhancing their craft.


Benefits of Online EMDR Training 

  • The flexibility. Anyone, anywhere on the globe can join the party. One trainee traveled across Europe and attended online EMDR training weekends from a different country each month. A handful of therapists on maternity leave could stretch their minds by studying virtually while being close to their newborns.


  • The comfort. Participants can choose their location, ensuring privacy and physical ease. Living in Connecticut, I appreciate a warm blanket across my lap and a cup of hot tea in my favorite mug on those chilly winter training weekends.  During the practice segments, the smaller breakout rooms are quiet because there is no background noise from the other groups practicing with one another.


  • The financial benefits. More people can join than ever, without the added costs of travel or lodging. That means that people of all ages, backgrounds, and budgets—whether newly licensed or providing services for underserved populations or nearing retirement—can be part of our diverse body of students.


  • The accessibility. Online learning can transcend obstacles created by physical limitations. For example, trainees who struggle with auditory processing or are hearing impaired appreciate that we provide closed captions for every training.


  • Online EMDR training accommodates different learning styles. All our trainings are recorded, allowing our participants to review lessons online for months both during and after the live training events. Sometimes, participants get together with their training cohort and review their training sessions, encouraging discussion among peers and enhancing the educational experience.


  • The global community. People join from the East and West coasts, from everywhere in between, from countries such as Greece, Germany, and the Netherlands, as well as Canada and Mexico. Connections are made beyond our office buildings and local geographical areas, and these connections foster the sense of the greater effort being made by mental health workers to end the cycles of trauma that fuel the pain on our planet.


Beyond the Basics: The Full EMDR Online Training Journey

EMDR Therapy Basic Training is just the beginning at The Center. We provide information and referrals for ongoing case consultation and intermediate and advanced training. Therapists who treat complex developmental trauma can pursue a Master Certificate in Relational EMDR Therapy℠, a more integrative approach to treatment that focuses on the therapeutic alliance as central to the treatment of attachment trauma.


It was by chance that my own EMDR therapy basic training was with Deany Laliotis many years ago. I instantly knew I had found my mentor. I accepted the invitation when she invited us to be open and brave, to dive into our learning and take a chance on something entirely new. As a clinician and human, my learning has not stopped since then. And it continues each time I engage with our community of faculty and participants alike.  In a community of lifelong learners, there’s always a takeaway.


Deany created this online EMDR training that is experienced like a virtual oasis for anyone from any place who is interested in expanding how they can give their clients the best treatment available. Take a chance, take a step forward, and explore what The Center offers.  I invite you to be brave and take the leap in the same way Deany invited me. And I’ve never looked back.