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How Much Does Basic EMDR Training Cost?

Deany Laliotis, LICSW, Founder of The Center

Why Get Trained in EMDR Therapy?

EMDR training empowers therapists to significantly enhance their effectiveness in addressing a broad spectrum of clinical issues with diverse populations in various contexts and with greater proficiency.

Not only is EMDR therapy accessible to clients seeking assistance, but it also stands out as an effective, evidence-based approach to treating PTSD. Remarkably versatile, it can be applied to address any presenting issue rooted in memory and can treat clients individually or in groups.

EMDR therapy serves as a valuable tool for short-term symptom relief. It equally effectively addresses everyday challenges such as low self-esteem, job-related stress, or relationship difficulties requiring more extended treatment. Beyond providing immediate relief, EMDR facilitates growth and transformation in clients, empowering them to lead more fulfilling lives.


What is the Long Term Benefit of EMDR Training?

Investing in EMDR training will more than pay for itself over time.  Clients who experience positive results from their EMDR treatment will refer other clients to your practice, which opens new pathways for personal as well as professional growth and success.  If you offer group therapy as part of your agency or private practice, the addition of EMDR therapy will greatly enhance the group process as it becomes both a personal as well as shared group experience which potentiates the therapeutic process.  Groups can also consist of people who went through a traumatic event together, such as a community that survives a shooting or a natural disaster. Or, it could be a family tragedy where they have endured illness or injury and are struggling to get on with their lives. So, the “group” configuration can be any group you already provide clinical services for, or it can also be a pathway to expand your services.


How Much Does the Training Cost and Why Should I Make the Investment?

EMDR training at the basic level is offered in different packages, so the cost will vary depending on what the training includes, whether or not it is EMDRIA-approved (the gold standard for EMDR training), and whether it’s in person or online.

EMDR training typically consists of two 3-day weekends you can sign up for together or one at a time which usually adds up to 40 hours of instruction and supervised practice.  In addition, EMDR trainings require that their trainees pursue a minimum of 10 hours of case consultation with a faculty consultant.  Sometimes, the tuition includes these hours, however, many do not and the case consultation hours must be purchased separately.  The cost will vary depending on the consultant the trainee hires.

The Center’s Basic EMDR training package is all-inclusive; participants can expect to pay around $2,000.  It consists of eight days of training over three months, which consists of 46 hours of instruction and supervised practice.  The Center’s training goes into greater detail about the continuum of trauma, helping clinicians assess where on the spectrum of trauma-related disorders their clients lie so they can determine what the best course of treatment might be. The case consultation during each training segment, helps the trainees apply what they’re learning with their clients.  These hours are bundled with the training, so no hidden costs exist. In addition, there are three 2-hour sessions one month apart post-training, where the trainees meet with the same training cohort and consultant that they have been going through the training with.  This structure is specially designed to support clinicians in integrating what they’re learning in the safety and structure of their own small group experience.

Take the Leap

Research supports that EMDR therapy is the most cost-effective treatment for clients with PTSD, which makes it an attractive option.  To learn more about this research by Mavranezouli, et al. (July 2020) click here.

Its cost-effectiveness makes it particularly attractive for clients and clinicians alike whose goals are to achieve symptom relief in a short period,  especially for underserved client populations who have more limited access to health care.

The Center’s EMDR Basic Training costs anywhere from $1395 - $1895 depending on whether you work in a non-profit agency or private practice.  Reduced tuition is offered for Early Bird registrations and BIPOC candidates.  

So, whether you work in a non-profit agency, a hospital setting or private practice, EMDR training adds a powerful set of tools to offer your clients relief from their suffering.  If you are a therapist or clinician interested in learning more about EMDR training, we can’t wait to meet you.   Check out our current schedule of trainings!