Nicole McLaughlin

Nicole McLaughlin

Blue Bird Counseling
21436 N. 20th Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85027
United States

Complex PTSD/Dissociation, Relational EMDR Therapy

Nicole McLaughlin, LPC is from New Jersey and currently living in Phoenix. She completed EMDR basic training in 2018 and has been actively engaged in the practice and continuous learning of EMDR therapy since that time. Currently mentored by Deany Laliotis towards becoming an approved consultant, Nicole brings a unique focus to the healing of attachment wounds. Nicole has training in structural dissociation theory and The Meadows Model, which has supported a heavy integration of parts work into EMDR.  Nicole specializes in working with complex and difficult cases always appreciating that each person is unique in their healing journey. Currently available for individual consultation for those that either want to further develop their skills or are interested in pursuing certification.