Identifying the Desired Outcome

Deany Laliotis, LICSW, Founder of The Center

Clients who are easily triggered into a state of hyper-vigilance, may tell you they’d prefer to respond from a place of calm. Completely understandable! But making “calmness” the desired outcome after processing can be equally problematic.  

In this quick, compelling video, Deany Laliotis shares a powerful example that illustrates the predicament. As she unpacks the case of a client who is “stuck,” Deany details how and why it happened as well as what to do instead.  

The bottom line: Deany invites you—before processing—to first consider the nature of the triggering situation. And then to ask What is a reasonable person’s response to this situation?  

Learn how it works.    


Watch Identifying the Desired Outcome on YouTube.