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What is EMDR Training?

Deany Laliotis, LICSW, Founder of The Center

Understanding The Basics of EMDR Training

At every level of training—from the EMDR Basic Training to the EMDR Master level—The Center for Excellence in EMDR Therapy (The Center) offers a comprehensive approach to transformational healing—integrating interpersonal neurobiology, somatic processes, parts work, and attachment theory, all within an EMDR therapy framework.  


We teach EMDR as a psychotherapy, not as just an intervention.  


Opportunities for personal reflection and professional growth are central to our training.  


What to Expect When Training With The Center

Because we are passionate about EMDR, The Center's interactive teaching style is a transformative journey, and our EMDR Basic Training is your initial step toward a practice-changing approach to healing. This training provides the opportunity to apply EMDR therapy, aiding clients in recovering from the impact of life's painful experiences.


During the course, you'll witness EMDR in action through compelling videos illustrating actual client sessions, offering a step-by-step understanding of the techniques. In small group practice sessions, facilitated by an experienced EMDR therapist, you'll gain hands-on experience with memory reprocessing—serving both as a therapist and a "client."


Encouraging active participation, the course invites discussion about your clinical cases, allowing you to apply newfound knowledge to your current clients. This results in over 10 hours of included case consultation.


Additionally, participants receive a comprehensive, up-to-date EMDR Therapy Basic Training Manual, alongside a rich Resources section, Forms, and Worksheets—forming a valuable, dynamic reference that's yours to keep and continuously updated.


What Does the Course Delivery Look Like?

Our EMDRIA-approved Basic Training, recognized as the gold standard in EMDR certification, unfolds in three parts, providing an all-inclusive package with ongoing case consultation. Throughout, you'll be guided by highly trained faculty, fostering a shared experience as you travel with the same small group cohort.


Our EMDRIA-approved EMDR Basic Training provides clinicians with the following:

  • Knowledge and skills to utilize EMDR therapy
  • A comprehensive understanding of case conceptualization and treatment planning
  • The ability to integrate EMDR therapy into their clinical practice


At a minimum, our Basic Training provides instruction in the current explanatory model, methodology, and underlying mechanisms of EMDR through lecture, practice, and integrated consultation.


What Sets The Center Apart

The Center’s Basic EMDR Training is your first step in a practice-changing approach to transformational healing. You can master the theory and practice of EMDR therapy as a comprehensive psychotherapy approach through our three-part, 44-hour Basic EMDR Certification Training.  And because this course is approved by EMDRIA, the gold standard for EMDR training and certification worldwide, you can feel confident about investing in yourself and your practice.


Our training exceeds EMDRIA’s requirements with more hours dedicated to supervised practice sessions and case consultation so you can feel confident about using EMDR with your clients immediately.


The Center structures its eight-day training program across three months, interspersing case consultations within each training segment. Additionally, three follow-up case consultation sessions are scheduled one month apart.


Our focus is on nurturing both personal and professional growth in EMDR therapists. We actively guide our trainees to be cognizant of their role in the client-therapist relationship, emphasizing a parallel process.


The training unfolds in three parts. Part One spans three days, followed by Part Two after a month, also lasting three days. Another month later, Part Three is condensed into a two-day session. To ensure effective integration of learning, each subsequent month includes an extra case consultation session.


To enhance the learning experience, The Center provides a complimentary Q & A session between Parts 1 & 2 and another between Parts 2 & 3. This is a valuable opportunity for trainees to delve deeper into their practice with clients, all within the supportive framework of the ongoing training.


EMDR is Powerful and Effective, and We Can’t Do it Alone.

Practitioners benefit from integrating learning directly into their clinical practice setting, fostering a supportive environment within the training cohort. The opportunity to apply the methodology with clients in real-time is crucial for effective learning.


Therapists who undergo training with us consistently express that it provides a profoundly enriching personal and professional experience, fundamentally altering their personal growth and approach to practice.


Interested in taking the next step? Here’s a schedule of upcoming training sessions.