When to Resource. When to Show Up.

Deany Laliotis, LICSW, Founder of The Center

Resourcing can be invaluable when a client needs support for navigating an anticipated challenge—such as a life crisis or the demands of reprocessing. It can be any quality or attribute that offers a client the support they need to approach, such as confidence, calmness, equanimity to name a few.

As EMDR therapists, our job is helping the client identify the quality that will provide support for the challenges ahead. The process of resourcing creates a state of that quality in the client. That state is the client’s resource—a state of relative calm, for example, that the client can use to shift their experience when activated.    

Resourcing is powerful. But when a client is activated during reprocessing the greatest resource is the presence of a fully attuned therapist. Deany Laliotis explains why in this quick insightful video.