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Who is Eligible for EMDR Certification?

Deany Laliotis, LICSW, Founder of The Center

I’m a Mental Health Clinician - Am I Eligible for EMDR Certification? 

Mental health clinicians who are fully licensed to engage in private, independent practice and have completed an EMDRIA-approved EMDR Basic Training in its entirety, are eligible to apply for the EMDR Certification credential. EMDRIA is a professional association that sets the standards for EMDR practitioners and researchers to seek the highest standards for the clinical use of EMDR.


After completing Basic Training in EMDR Therapy, clinicians must advance their skills through additional training and participate in case consultation sessions to discuss their EMDR cases. They must attest to using EMDR with a minimum of 25 different clients, with at least 50 reprocessing sessions.


Prepare for Certification with The Center for Excellence in EMDR Therapy

The Center for Excellence in EMDR Therapy (The Center) provides a comprehensive set of EMDRIA-approved EMDR trainings, case consultations, and resources for lifelong learners. Everything you need to advance your learning and enhance your EMDR practice is offered by the Center.


Our commitment to your growth extends beyond certification. Whether you've completed EMDR Basic Training with another organization or with us, The Center is dedicated to supporting you as a lifelong learner. Our emphasis on a relational approach to psychotherapy remains steadfast. Proudly offering all the necessary components to meet EMDRIA’s certification criteria for EMDR practitioners and consultants, we are here to nurture your ongoing development.


Your relationship with us is more about us meeting you where you are and assisting you every step of the way. 


If I Work With The Center, Am I Eligible to Become an EMDR Certified Therapist?

Yes! Because EMDRIA is the "gold standard" for EMDR certification and EMDR training, all of The Center’s training are EMDRIA-approved. 


All of our faculty, facilitators, consultants, and trainers, are also EMDRIA-certified.


That's why we can promise that The Center offers everything you need—both the training CEs and case consultation hours required by EMDRIA for becoming a Certified EMDR Therapist. Continuing your learning journey with us doesn't have to stop at basic certification. We aspire to guide you toward achieving Master Certification in EMDR therapy, unlocking opportunities to become a faculty member or trainer within our organization, should that be your goal.


Furthermore, as part of our commitment to your continuous growth, we're cultivating a dynamic community of dedicated and highly skilled EMDR trainers. They are driven by a passion to ensure you receive the necessary guidance and support for mastering this potent therapeutic method. Your journey with us is limitless, and we stand ready to assist you at every turn.


Advanced EMDR Certifications from The Center

Building on this ethos, The Center introduces a unique offering: the Master Certification in Relational EMDR Therapy℠. Crafted by our Founder and Director, Deany Laliotis, this exclusive course sets us apart as the sole providers of such training.


This specialized Master Certification in Relational EMDR Therapy℠ is tailored to support and acknowledge therapists who focus on working relationally with developmental trauma and attachment difficulties, where the therapist's self and the therapeutic alliance take center stage. This unique and advanced certification program is designed for therapists seeking both personal and professional growth to facilitate transformative healing for their clients.


Master Certification in Relational EMDR Therapy℠

This certificate program is for therapists who treat complex trauma and want to help their clients grow and change beyond symptom relief.  Over the years, thousands of you have worked hard to cultivate your skills as an EMDR psychotherapist by pursuing additional training and consultation with Deany and faculty from The Center.  


Now, we offer you a pathway from wherever you are in your personal and professional journey to study with us and become credentialed so clients and colleagues alike will know that you specialize in relational EMDR.  Our course offerings and case consultation can be applied towards EMDRIA certification and Center Certification in R-EMDR℠.  


Beyond Certification - Become a Certified EMDR Consultant

Many Certified EMDR Therapists go on to become Certified Consultants—supporting other clinicians as they master their own EMDR skills. As a consultant, you’ll provide professional feedback to therapists on their cases individually or in a group. 


We’ve designed a Consultant in Training (CIT) track that provides everything—and more—that you need to meet EMDRIA’s requirements to become a certified consultant.


Take the leap.  Join us for the journey. Click here to learn more!