A message from EMDRIA

Watch Becoming an EMDR Therapist on YouTube.

Becoming an EMDR therapist is making a commitment to personal and professional growth.  It requires us to take a leap into the unknown, to tolerate learning something new that often makes us feel inadequate if not unskilled, at least for a little while.  But then, something happens.  Our clients get better despite our not knowing exactly what to do or how to do it right.  Yes, it's that powerful and effective.  But then, something else happens.  You have a really good processing session with a client or one of your fellow trainees and you have an "ah ha" moment.  And, then, maybe someone else in your training cohort has an "ah ha" moment.  And, then, the "ah ha" moments start to come more and more often.  And then, something else happens.  You want to learn more because there's so much more to learn.  Except this time, you're back in your competent, capable therapist self, who knows what they know, but who also knows more about what they want to learn.  Join us on the journey.  It never ends, but, as a lifelong learner, you don't want it to, either.