What's going on when the process isn't moving?

Watch EMDR Training: What do I do when a client isn't processing? on YouTube.

So, your client is stuck during memory processing?

I think we’ve all had the experience—your client is in the middle of the memory processing when you check to discover that not much is changing. Your physical sense tells you things have stalled. What then?  Your first step is to find out what your client is experiencing, so you can figure out what they need to keep going.

Delicate work. Rewarding Work.

The client’s memory may simply be overwhelming. But there is good news here. Your client’s reaction to the demands of EMDR memory reprocessing is going to resemble how they handle stressful moments. Do they shut down when they anxious, or do they get angry?  Do they start over-thinking when they don't know what's happening and get in their heads about it?  How they're responding is often part of the difficulties they're working on, which brings the issue right into the room and in the moment. Now you can work on it first-hand. I see this parallel process as a unique opportunity for healing.

That’s why I created this 15-minute EMDR video.  It will not only normalize what frequently happens in sessions for both you and your clients, it also helps you get unstuck.  I share how to make the most of these opportunities as I walk you through the steps, one by one, for getting things moving again when the processing has stalled.