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EMDR Case Consultation - Group of Four

This consultation group is for clinicians who are eager to deepen their clinical skills by discussing their cases in a smaller, more intimate group setting. This format allows ample time for each clinician to take turns presenting their work in depth, from case conceptualization to using transcripts of actual reprocessing sessions. There is also time to discuss cases more informally as well as follow-up on cases as they evolve over time. A central focus is how AIP case conceptualization informs reprocessing, helping clinicians make informed clinical choices that get to the heart of a client's suffering.

This group package is for five, 2-hour sessions and is part of a two-package series of ten sessions, or 20 total hours. Maximum number of participants is 4. Please note: The minimum hours for EMDRIA certification is two, 5-session packages that meet the requirements of both individual and group. An additional individual session with your consultant, not included in this package, is required when applying for certification as an EMDRIA-approved EMDR Therapist.

An interview with our Consultation Coordinator is part of the registration process to ensure a goodness of fit between consultant and consultee. Groups are open twice a year in September and February, so apply early to secure your spot for the next rotation!
Small group consultation
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