The Craft of EMDR Therapy: Taking it to the Next Level - Fall 2022

No other EMDR training gives you as many opportunities to grow as this. It's designed to increase your skill and confidence and broaden your understanding of how to use EMDR with challenging clients and complex cases. If you've completed Basic EMDR Training and are ready for accelerated growth, this training is for you. Read complete description below.
The Craft - Intermediate II
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Part One: November 11-13, 2022
Part Two: December 9-11, 2022
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Deany Laliotis, LICSW
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Jeanette Faircloth
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This training is designed to help therapists practice an integrated, comprehensive form of EMDR psychotherapy and achieve transformational healing with clients who have complex trauma. It is practice-intensive, so you will not only learn new skills and the expanded use of EMDR but also practice what you're learning with feedback from highly skilled EMDR therapists. The goal is preparing you to treat the whole person. You’ll learn to distinguish clients’ symptoms from their problems, create flexible, dynamic treatment plans and recognize and repair the emotional and developmental deficits that result from childhood trauma.

Going Deeper into the Craft of EMDR

This training introduces you to the full flexibility and expanded applications of EMDR’s AIP case conceptualization and treatment planning; three-pronged past, present, future approach and clinical interweaves. It’s designed to elevate your practice of EMDR to a comprehensive psychotherapy and open the door to restorative transformational healing—even with complex trauma and other challenging cases. Among the things you’ll learn:

  • To assess the client’s capacities and readiness rather than rely on a client’s history as the primary determinant of readiness for trauma processing.
  • To expand the use of AIP case conceptualization to develop treatment plans that are dynamic, evolving and mutually elaborated between therapist and client.
  • To incorporate the Future Vision—a way of developing the direction of desired change—through a process where the client envisions a future beyond symptom relief. That vision includes an exploration of what they would be thinking, feeling and doing differently in the future. The vision serves as a compass, providing a point of reference from which to gauge a client’s progress as well as determine what to focus on in future sessions.
  • To become more deliberate about refining the focus of work over time by attending to what is foreground, what is background and when they shift.  
  • To apply the reevaluation phase of EMDR therapy as a more robust process—strengthening positive experiences, making them explicit and working to shift the client’s self-identity from someone who is traumatized to someone capable of thriving.
  • To use an expanded application of clinical interweaves as a means of addressing emotional and developmental deficits that exist as a natural consequence of childhood trauma.


This training comes with a free, one-day EMDR refresher course. It's an up-to-date review of EMDR basics and the ideal way to prepare before taking a deeper dive into the craft.

This Hands-On Training Offers You Unique Benefits

Transformational healing is only possible when therapists have the capacity to be brave, to be in the moment, to name what is true and to tolerate uncertainty in the service of allowing something new to happen. One of the most direct ways to nurture development of those qualities and capacities is to offer hands-on practice with the guidance and supervision of trained EMDR facilitators. That’s exactly the unique combination we’re offering you here. Among the benefits:

  • You will have the opportunity to apply what you’re learning in this training to work with your current clients.
  • You will learn how to use EMDR to meet your client’s needs instead of fitting your client to the protocol.
  • You will strengthen your ability to navigate clinical choice points in the face of multiple issues.
  • You will develop a strong working understanding of memory reprocessing procedures and how to use them to optimize treatment effects.
  • You will have opportunities to resolve any anxieties about using EMDR by working them through in supervised practice.  

Informational Brochure

Please see the training’s informational brochure for details about the daily schedule, continuing education credit, trainers, finances, training location and travel information, reading materials, and much more!

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Here's what a colleague says about her training experience:

I've taken my EMDR Therapy Basic Training as well as The Craft through The Center for Excellence. I have been practicing for 11 years, and these professional trainings have been invaluable to me. EMDR therapy has completely revolutionized my approach to treatment! Deany Laliotis and her talented facilitators provide excellent guidance and support to help you learn EMDR as a comprehensive psychotherapy framework. The biggest lesson I have learned through The Center is that EMDR is much more than a technique - it is a true vector of healing.

Christina Allen , LCPC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor; Clinical Director
Nottingham, MD
Christina Allen