The Craft of EMDR Therapy: Taking It to The Next Level - Spring 2023

Are you an experienced EMDR therapist with challenging clients? Have you just completed Basic Training? Or do you have clients who struggle, again and again, with low self-esteem, failed relationships and self-regulation? Wherever you are in your journey as a therapist, this training can boost your clinical skill and confidence to a new level.

The training is practice-intensive and craft-enhancing. It's designed to fine-tune your EMDR skills for working with complex trauma, attachment injuries and other challenging cases through hands-on practice. It will also deepen your understanding of how to use the core disciplines of EMDR therapy to maximum healing effect. In addition, you’ll have the singular opportunity to work on one of your own cases in depth.

Master Trainer, Deany Laliotis leads The Craft and each practice dyad and small group discussion is facilitated by one of The Center’s experienced EMDR therapists.

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The Craft of EMDR - Intermediate II
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Part 1: May 12-14, 2023
Part 2: June 9-11, 2023
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Deany Laliotis, LICSW
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Loralee Bowen
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If you’re ready to go beyond providing symptom relief to focusing on promoting clients’ growth and well-being, this training is for you. It builds on the foundational knowledge of EMDR and expands your use of the craft to work with complex trauma and attachment injuries. Through clinical video case studies, teaching, small group discussion and hands-on practice, you’ll learn how to go beyond protocols and procedures to do what’s best for your client. This includes building a therapeutic alliance, moving towards transformational healing without overwhelming, being present moment to moment in and out of processing, co-regulating and repairing emotional and developmental deficits. 

Everything You Need for the Work of Transformative Healing

The Craft of EMDR Therapy combines what you need to move to the next level. You’ll gain a deeper appreciation of the power and flexibility of EMDR, confidence in doing what’s best for your client in the moment and new skills to help you meet the demands of challenging cases. In addition to teaching, discussion and practice, this training introduces videos of two powerful clinical cases to illustrate critical developments and key choice points in this important work. Among the things we’ll explore in depth together are:

  • AIP case conceptualization—one of EMDR’s most powerful innovations—and how it helps you go beyond the client’s symptoms to underlying causes, map out clinical choices with confidence and develop treatment plans for challenging cases  
  • the nature of complex trauma and how healing requires the repair of emotional and developmental deficits in addition to symptom relief
  • important factors to consider as part of treatment planning—the client’s readiness to approach, the need for agreement about the work in hand, client’s need for strengthened motivation to be ready for processing—just to name a few
  • harnessing your attunement and full presence in the moment-to-moment unfolding of the client’s experience for resolution, healing and repair
  • use of the Future Template to address developmental deficits and install the skills and patterns of response your client needs to live fully and engage authentically
  • how Clinical Interweave Categories facilitate the client’s experience and optimize treatment  
  • the necessity of re-evaluating goals for treatment over time as therapy evolves

No Other EMDR Training Offers Hands-On Practice Like This

Over a third of this training is dedicated to practicing the skills you need for the challenging work ahead. With the guidance of The Center's experienced therapists, you’ll work in dyads to fine-tune the skills that can help clients develop the capacity to respond authentically and live a full, rewarding life. Here are a few of the things you’ll practice:

  • tracking a client’s somatic experience in and out of processing, so you can respond, redirect, co-regulate—whatever is best for your client in the moment
  • tuning into your own sensory experience and the resonance between you and your client to understand your client’s emotional and somatic shifts moment-to-moment
  • using your attunement skills to co-regulate the client's experience
  • guiding clients in the development of life-promoting skills with Adaptive Action tendencies
  • applying Clinical Interweave Categories during processing to maximize treatment effectiveness for your client

FREE BONUS: Our one-day, online EMDR refresher training is included at no extra charge. It's a great way to brush up on the basics of The Center's unique Relational EMDR Therapy model. Get access when you sign up for The Craft.

The Craft of EMDR Therapy Brochure

Please see the training’s informational brochure for details about the daily schedule, continuing education credit, trainers, finances, reading materials and much more!

Recommended Watching

Our one-day, online EMDR refresher training is a great way to brush up on the basics of The Center's unique Relational EMDR Therapy model. It's included at no extra charge when you sign up for The Craft.

Recommended Reading

Dr. Francine Shapiro authored the authoritative presentation of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. Her groundbreaking book is a must-have for every EMDR Therapist.

Here's what colleagues say about Deany:

Any trainer can present material, but Deany Laliotis’ trainings are more of an experience. She not only is knowledgeable about the material, but she engages the audience by being personable, asking thought provoking questions, and spends the time making sure we get it. Though she is a thought leader in the EMDR community, she makes you feel like a peer, and connects in ways I have not experienced in other trainings. At my last training people flew from all parts of the country to attend, and we were all eager to take another training with her. If you are serious about advancing your skills as an EMDR therapist, train with Deany.

Bryon Bratt , LPC

Lincoln, NE
Bryon Bratt